Text to Speech Conversion Software

Take control of your business with text to speech software.

Who We Are

Wizzard Speech LLC is a Business to Business Company (B2B) that has been in the speech business for over 20 years. Staffed by software developers and former speech veterans from IBM and AT&T, Wizzard Speech has provided licensing and support to thousands of satisfied developes, IT/web managers and solution providers.

What We Provide

  • AT&T Natural Voices™ toolkits, text to speech (TTS) conversion engines with ten high quality US English and Spanish voices
  • The ability for you to integrate this technology into your project and take control of your business.
  • Text to speech conversion software that resides and runs on your computers or servers. This is not SaaS
  • Licenses to use the TTS conversion software and/or voices with your solution internally or distribute externally to your clients.
  • Flexible pricing models designed to meet your requirements.. lowest volume prices in the industry

Popular Uses for AT&T Natural Voices™

  • Public address systems (announcements: transportation stations-train-bus-airports-parking lots-weather-news)
  • Talking websites
  • Inter-company deployment of TTS for internal users
  • Voice simulators - online gaming
  • Telephony interactive voice response (IVR) systems
  • Talking i.e. voice enabled ATMs - kiosks - vending machines - and more
  • E-Learning packages
  • Talking “Alert” systems such as plant floor alerts or weather alerts for aircraft

Voice Samples and Technical Requirements

Voice Samples are for the user's private use for evaluation purposes only

How the Licensing Process Works

  1. You can sample our high quality voices and review the technical requirements on our website
  2. You answer a few simple questions about your planned usage or distribution
  3. We identify the best licensing model for your project and quote a “guaranteed” price.
  4. You purchase a Software Developer Kit (SDK with 3 month trial TTS runtime engine and support) satisfaction guaranteed or money back.
  5. You purchase licenses and we provide you with a “production” version of the TTS runtime engine to use and/or distribute

Our Product

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